In 1829, the Ryssen-Fauconnier family starts the operation of the production of alcohol.
In 1954, the daily production was 50 hectoliters per day. Gradually, the production has been increased. The company is proud to produce high quality alcohol, giving quality highest priority.
In 1979, Ryssen Alcools opens its capital to Générale Sucrière which later changes its name to Saint Louis Sucre and in 2001 becomes part of the Südzucker group, the largest sugar producer in Europe.
In 1997, the first dehydration unit is set up for the production of bioethanol for fuel purposes.
In 2005, Ryssen moves its production to Loon-Plage, near Dunkirk, which not only enables the company to continue its growth, but is also an improvement in terms of logistics. The new site in the harbor of Dunkirk can receive and ship large bulk loads of alcohol.
In August 2007, the second dehydration unit is set up. With a capacity of 2,500 hectoliters per day, it quadruples the capacity for producing dehydrated alcohol at Ryssen.
In 2008, Ryssen Alcools is integrated into the CropEnergies AG, the bioethanol branch of the Südzucker group, of which both CropEnergies and Ryssen are part of. CropEnergies is one of the largest bioethanol producers in Europe.
In addition to Ryssen, there are subsidiary companies in Germany, Belgium and the UK. The know-how accumulated at Ryssen Alcools in 180 years of alcohol production is now part of one of the leading and most innovative bioethanol producers in Europe.

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