Traditional applications

Ryssen manufactures both rectified and dehydrated alcohol of different qualities for a number of traditional applications. The variety of product ranges offered by Ryssen Alcools ensures that customers are able to order the grade of alcohol which meets their requirements and quality criteria. Ryssen Alcools' products can be packaged in a variety of ways, so as to be suitable to its clients' unloading and storage facilities. Thanks to the wide range of products, Ryssen Alcools is present on all markets for traditional alcohol:
  • Beverage: Due to its high organoleptic quality, our surfin alcohol is used by the leading European spirits manufacturers to produce many famous alcoholic beverages. Our range of products includes grain, cane and beet molasses alcohol.
  • Pharmacy: The alcohol used by the pharmaceutical industry must meet various stringent requirements in terms of purity and neutrality. As a long-term supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, Ryssen Alcools is used to meeting the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Industry: Ryssen Alcools offers a large range of alcohols for industrial applications. This ensures that all the needs of the manufacturers involved in this sector, including printing ink, screen wash, paints and explosives can be satisfied. Our products can be supplied undenatured or denatured.
  • Perfume: Thanks to the high and constant neutrality, Ryssen Alcools' products are excellent for preserving the fragrances of the leading French perfume manufacturers. Surfin alcohol is also used in many cosmetic products. Certain other applications, such as hair spray, also need dehydrated neutral alcohol.
Our long-time, faithful customers who come from a broad range of industries constitute the best proof of the high quality of our products.

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